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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Breakfast Time! & Thank yous

Breakfast Time! L to R - Mika, Pixie, Trixie, Arya & Anakin 😺❤️ A super rare pic of all 5 actually looking at the camera! Arya was mid-meow. Also I want to Thank everyone that has helped me with my computer issues. I have ordered a new computer. I made enough so far to cover half of that which is a huge help. I have sent off my hard drive for data recovery and will be getting an estimate in a few days. I still have lots available including many originals like Anakin's portrait I painted, a lot of limited edition canvases ( 2 of Anakin are still available) and prints too. All on

Friday, October 13, 2017

Anakin Says, Mom's Having an Up To 55% Off Computer Crisis Sale!

Anakin says, "Mom's having a Computer Crisis Studio Sale! Originals up to 55% Off! LE Canvases 50% Off! Everything's On Sale!" Yes you read that right! At have ALL of my Original Paintings marked up to 55% Off! I also have already made Limited Edition Canvases at 50% Off! That makes them less than I sell them at conventions! I've never done this before but it is very necessary right now. Everything else in my store is also On Sale 20%-30% Off!   
Now through Monday, October 23, 2017. 

Long story short, I went out of town for a little birthday get away leaving my computer turned off. When I got home and tried to turn my computer back on it would not load the hard drive. My hard drive has a mechanical failure and they don't know why. Luckily I did do some back ups in July so this is not as catastrophic as it could have been. I have enough to keep most of my business functioning using my hubby, Dewey's laptop and my discs. It's still very bad though. I need to send my hard drive off to data recovery specialist which is very expensive and I also need to get a new computer asap. 

Sale Details - 

The Originals - Each original is marked with the percent off and the discount already applied. See them all here, 

The Limited Edition Canvases - Already Made Canvases are listed with "Special" in the title and the 50% off discount has already been applied. For these I only have one of most of them available, a few images I have two available. I also listed a small number of 8" x 10" LE Canvases with only one of each available as well. See them all here, 

Everything Else - The rest of my store is all 20% - 30% Off. I did have to remove my Note Cards and Coloring Note Cards for now since I am unable to print them.

Please take full advantage of my Computer Crisis Sale! Think of it as early Holiday Shopping while helping me afford the data recovery and new computer I need asap. Also please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support! 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Thank Yous for Prezzies!

Prezzies!! 😺🎁❤️ I would  like to send a HUGE Special Thank You to Gaby for the adorable Cat Canoe! πŸ’œ Also another BIG Thank You ❤️ to a Secret Sender who send some $$ for this "Sweet Little White Kitten"! You know who you are & we thank you so much too! ❤️ Here's a few pics of Arya, Anakin & Trixie testing out the canoe. They seem to like it better turned inside out. @thecatball 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Arya ❤️ She's doing great! Lots of pics...

Arya ❤️ Quick Update with lots of pics! She's still doing great. As you can see from the pics she's starting to fill out and making herself right at home. I tried to do the proper introductions with the screen in the hallway. That didn't last very long! Arya will not be contained! Lol! She's had the run of the house during the day & oh can she run! Well it's more of a bunny hop kind of run. It's really cute! She likes to sleep in the chair in the front window. You know "The Chair". Everyone is doing really well with her. The hissing is getting less and less. She is still sleeping in the bathroom at night until she is a bit bigger. Once she hears someone up in the morning though she wants out! Meowing and pawing under the door until you let her out. Like I said, she will not be contained! Lol! Here she is playing with a new toys & hanging out with Anakin, Mika & Trixie. Video here,

Friday, September 15, 2017

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Meeting Mr. Red The Betta Fish

Anakin The Two Legged Cat Meeting Mr. Red The Betta Fish (This is the extended version of a video I posted on Facebook last year.) "He was the saddest, sickest, sitting in a dirty bowl with not enough water, Betta Fish at the store & I just couldn't leave him there. Mr Red now has his own fancy little tank on my art desk. He's much happier & the cats all love him especially Ani!" Sadly Mr Red is no longer with us.